Veterinary Pet Dental Care

Dental Disease

Veterinary Dental disease is the number one disease in canine and feline patients. 60% of dental disease is below the gumline, therefore, without dental radiographs many lesions are missed. Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital uses digital dental xrays to help find these hidden diseases.


Prevention and treatment of pet dental disease is important to prevent bad breath, oral discomfort and tooth loss. And when your pet does lose a tooth, a large hole may be left in the bone. We use bone-grafting to prevent dry-socket, speed the healing process and reduce pain.

Dental disease may also have effects throughout the whole body; there is a correlation between severe dental disease and changes in the kidney, liver and heart.

We can Help

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital can provide your pet with complete veterinary dental care to help keep your animals teeth healthy and clean. We can help plan a daily home care routine. Brushing your pets teeth is the single most effective way of removing plaque and preventing most dental diseases. Call our animal hospital at 843-769-6784 to make an appointment.

During the month of February is National Pet Dental Month , we offer discounts on dental care or dental products, so appointments fill up fast. You may need to contact us now to take advantage of February promotions.